CHARTextract is a rule-based information extraction tool with the ability to quickly and easily refine rules on-the-fly.

This software has been developed at the Li Ka Shing Centre for Healthcare Analytics Research & Training (LKS-CHART), a program of St. Michael’s Hospital.

We are thankful to everyone who has contributed to the project.

  • Director: Muhammad Mamdani
  • Software development: Sam Banning, Michael Guerzhoy, Ujash Joshi, Shaun Mathew, Chloé Pou-Prom
  • Logo design: Qian Yang
  • Project management: Michaelia Young

Thank you to our clinical collaborators who helped in the development of rulesets: Drs. Jane Batt, Sharmistha Mishra, Amol Verma, and Hassan Masoom

Thanks to our beta testers who tried out early iterations of CHARTextract and provided insightful feedback on the tool and on its documentation: David Dai, Mike Fralick, Kasthuri Karunanithi, Neal Kaw