Using the Advanced View

To access the Advanced View, press on the Switch to Advanced View button from the Rules functionality.


  • Double-click on the label buttons to edit the label name.
  • Click on the green ‘+’ symbol to add a new label.


  • The first line corresponds to the label name prefixed by an exclamation mark.
  • Each line corresponds to a new primary rule.
  • All comments are denoted by a ‘#’. Any line prefixed with a ‘#’ will be ignored by CHARTextract.
  • Each line has the following format: primary rule pattern, primary rule score, secondary rule pattern, secondary rule type and modifier, secondary rule score
  • Additional secondary rules can be added.
  • Specify the secondary rule types with the following syntax:
    • r: Replace rule type
    • i: Ignore rule type
    • a: Add rule type
  • Specify the rule modifiers with the following syntax:
    • b: Before rule modifier; put this after specifying the rule type (e.g., rb means Replace Before)
    • a: After rule modifier; put this after specifying the rule type (e.g., ra means Replace After)
  • Rules generated from the Basic View and Advanced View are disjoint.