Term Definition Documentation Link
CaptureClassifier The CaptureClassifier is used for text extraction. It locates the variable in the text and extracts it. Classifier Settings
Chart We use a chart to denote a data point (e.g., a text note, a patient chart)  
Dictionary A dictionary is a list of words that can be used with rules. Dictionaries
Dictionary tag The dictionary tag is used in the basic view to indicate a dictionary. Basic View
ID The ID is used to identify each chart.  
Keyword tag The keyword tag is used in the basic view when building rules. Basic View
Or tag The Or tag is used in the basic view when building rules. Basic View
Predicted label The predicted label is the label that is generated by CHARTextract. The predicted label will be the one with the highest score. If all labels have a score of 0, then the Negative label will be assigned to the chart.  
Primary rule A primary rule consists of a pattern-matching rule and an associated score. Primary rules may have secondary rules. Rules Types and Modifiers
RegexClassifier The RegexClassifier is used for classifying charts into different labels. The RegexClassifier uses a series of rules to determine the most appropriate label for a chart. Classifier Settings
Regular expression A regular expression is a sequence of symbols and characters expressing pattern to be searched for within a longer piece of text. CHARTextract relies on regular expressions to build its rules. Regular Expressions Primer
Rule A rule consists of a regular-expression-based pattern and an associated score. Rules
Rule modifier Secondary rules can have an associated rule modifier which specify if the rule type should restrict its search to Before or After the primary rule match. Rule Types and Modifiers
Rule refinement Rule refinement is an interative process in which rules are modified so that CHARTextract’s prediction match the ground truth labels. Rule refinement
Rule type Secondary rules have an associated rule type which specify how the secondary rule interacts with the primary rule. Rule Types and Modifiers
Secondary rule Secondary rules consist of a regular-expression-based rule, a score, and a rule type. Secondary rules are always attached to a primary rule. Rule Types and Modifiers
Tag Tags are used by the basic view. Using the Basic View