Using the Basic View

When accessing the Rules functionality, the Basic View is shown by default.


  • Double-click on the label buttons to edit the label name.
  • Click on the green ‘+’ symbol to add a new label.


  • Basic view uses 3 types of tags: Keyword tags, Or tags and Dictionary tags
  • Keyword tags are parts of words; that means, they will match a sentence if those sequence of characters appear in succession. Having multiple Keyword tags in succession equates to having <Keyword_tag_1> followed by any number of characters followed by <Keyword_tag_2> and so on, until <Keyword_tag_n>. To use keyword tags simply write the text you want to find in the sentence and press the enter or return key. Note: You do not need the angle brackets.
  • Or tags are used when you want to match any keyword in a set of keywords. For example, <smok> <tobacco> OR <cigarettes> OR <marijuana> would match any one of these sentences (and more): he smokes 2 cigarettes a day, he loves to smoke tobacco, he smokes marijuana on a weekly basis.
  • Dictionary tags are specified in the following manner: {name of dictionary file}. Dictionary tags are used if you want to match any of the words in a large list of words. Think of them as a set of words joined together by Or tags. As an example, the following rule, <patient> <\bon\b> {immunosuppressive_medications_dict}, would match a sentence like this: the patient is on prednisone.

Primary rules

  • Click on the Add Primary Rule button to add a new Primary rule.
  • Start typing in the text box to specify your primary rule pattern.
  • Enter the score in the text box on the right. By default, the score will be set to 0.
  • Press on green ‘+’ symbol to add a Secondary rule
  • Press on the red ‘X’ symbol to delete the primary rule

Secondary rules

  • In the primary rule tab, press on the green ‘+’ symbol to add a secondary rule. Pressing on the button will toggle a drop-down menu. From there, you can choose to add a Ignore, Replace, or Add secondary rule.
  • Specify the pattern in the secondary rule left text box.
  • Select the rule modifier in the drop-down menu in the middle. This step is optional.
  • For Replace and Add rules, a text box for the score will be available on the right. Specify the score for the secondary rule. By default, the score will be set to 0.
  • Add additional secondary rules by pressing on the green ‘+’ symbol in the primary rule tab.